Learn Science Using Immersive Technology

StanLab is a 3D virtual laboratory application designed for students to learn and practise science experiment hands-on and in real-time.

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Three Great Reasons Why You Should Get StanLab for your Schools and Students.

Low Cost

We Give Your Students/Wards The Same STEM Learning Experience That They Would Get In A Physical, Traditional Laboratory At A Very Low Fraction Of The Cost. So, even if you have Ivy League Standard Laboratory, you don’t want your students to be wasting chemicals and breaking lab equipment just to learn and practise titration.

More Practice Time

Your Students Now Have Unlimited Learning and Practise Time For STEM: Our virtual laboratory is designed for personalisation to help your students/wards learn and practise as many times as they should to fully learn science concepts at each students learning pace; a great feature which the traditional laboratory does not allow for because of time and cost.

No Lab Hazard

Now Your Students Can Learn and Practise STEM Without Being Exposed To Hazardous Process or Dangerous Chemicals: There are certain lab procedures that are dangerous for students to carry out e.g the reaction of trioxinitrate v and copper releasing nitrogen (iv) oxide, a poisonous gas which on inhaling can cause death.

How it Works

Install application on laptop/desktop System

Connects the depth camera or headset as the case maybe

Get immersed in the lab and perform near real-life experiment

Unique Features

Storytelling As Pedagogy

Story Driven VR/MR Experiences where students are guided into learning a subject with engaging stories that embodies the practicality of that lab class.

Gamification Of Lessons and Networking

Students get badges and stars for every lab class they complete to encourage them and they can share with with their friends on social media.

Teaching Aid Use-Case

We have designed features with voice recognition that makes it easy for teachers to use Stanlab as a teaching aid for their classroom work .

Stunning 3D Graphics and Animation

Our laboratory 3D Models and animations have been designed from real life models to a very high quality that makes our lab photorealistic.

Natural Gesture Interaction For Mixed/Virtual Reality Experience

Our mixed reality/virtual reality app integrates with a 3D Motion sensing device like Intel RealSense for the use of natural gestures to simulate real life experience.


My Child enjoys learning Chemistry and her grade in schools has consequently improved through her learning with the StanLab App

Mr Wale

StanLab brought science to life for our students and has improved their understanding and consequently their grades

DellyRose Secondary School

I learnt alot using StanLab; I especially like the “topical discovery” part where I get to learn the life and practical application of the things I have read in my textbooks.

John Adeleke

The pedagogical techniques implemented in StanLab makes it an app that I recommend for my student all the time

Ms Felicia

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